We are so fortunate to have a huge classroom space with ample room to play, grow and learn! We are not wedged into a typical tiny classroom that was not intended for early childhood education!

Have you seen our classroom?

Discovery Nursery School is proud to have been serving the families of Lethbridge for the past 20 years!

We are a privately owned and operated preschool.

We are licensed through Southwest Child and Family Services.

Have you seen our gym?

Wow! Our own full size gymnasium! What could be better than daily gym time?! We have lots of equipment to play with like balls, hoops, scoops and balls, the parachute and much more! We love to play games in the gym that get all our large muscles moving and improve our gross motor skills too!

Our Child Care Philosophy

We believe that each child deserves to be respected for the unique individual they are.

We believe that play is a child's work. Through play children have the opportunity to discover and learn

about the world around them.

We believe it is important to foster a child's growth in all developmental areas; social, physical, intellectual, creative and emotional.

We believe that children thrive in a happy environment where all efforts and achievements are encouraged and praised.

We believe in encouraging the children to problem solve and to make decisions to gain self confidence and independence.

We believe that a preschool program which provides a variety of activities, experiences and equipment encourages children to become active participants in their own learning.

We believe it is imperative to provide an environment in which the children feel safe and secure, free from physical or emotional harm.

Discovery Nursery School has one full time teacher, one full time classroom assistant as well as two part time assistants. All staff have Early Childhood Certifications and are trained in First Aid and C.P.R.

Discovery Nursery School also works with district school boards to provide programming and assistance to children with special needs.

Our staff